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The SMEX02 Regional Sampling Team in Iowa, USA
The SMEX02 Regional Sampling Team in Iowa, USA. Image courtesy of NSIDC.

About Soil Moisture Experiment 2002 (SMEX02)

Measurements for the SMEX02 campaign were collected throughout the state of Iowa, USA. The main objectives of the experiment were to: study land/atmosphere interactions and extend remote sensing observations and algorithms to more challenging vegetation conditions than previously studied; validate AMSR-E satellite brightness temperature and soil moisture measurement; and evaluate new instrument technologies for soil moisture remote sensing.

The photograph to the right shows the team that worked on the SMEX02 regional watershed project. The SMEX02 Field Experiment Sites Map shown below is an interactive map displaying the regional distribution of all experiment sites throughout the state of Iowa, USA.

To access data and documentation, see SMEX02 Data.


SMEX02 Field Experiment Sites Map: Iowa, USA

SMEX02 Field Experiment Sites Map: Iowa, USA

Roll mouse over the station names (below, left) to highlight the locations of all field experiment sites.

Station Name

ASOS Stations
Automated Surface Observing System
AWOS  Stations
Automated Weather Observing System
ISUW  Stations
Iowa Agriculture Climate Network - Iowa State University Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences
KCCI  Stations
School Network for KCCI-TV located in Des Moines, Iowa USA
IA Field Region
SMEX02 Iowa Field Study Region (includes mostly crop-growing areas)
WC Field Region
Walnut Creek watershed study region


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