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AMSR/ADEOS-II L1A Raw Observation Counts, Version 3

The AMSR/ADEOS-II L1A Raw Observing Counts (AMSR-L1A) data set was processed from Level 0 science packet data by the JAXA Earth Observation Center (EOC) in Japan.

Version Summary:

The improved Version 3 AMSR-L1A product features empirical corrections to
the co-registration parameters A1 and A2, and an updated parameter
file used for correcting the AMSR 89 GHz position information.
As a result, Version 3 AMSR-L1A data provide improved accuracy for
the following: latitude and longitude, land/ocean flags, earth
incidence angle, earth azimuth angle, sun azimuth angle, and sun
elevation angle.

Geographic Coverage

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