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NSIDC DAAC Data Priority Workshop, January 11-12, 2006

The NSIDC DAAC Data Priority Workshop is the first of several NASA Head Quarters (HQ) sponsored sessions to assess the data holdings of the DAACs and related data activities within EOSDIS. Chaired by NASA HQ, on 11 and 12 January 2006, a workshop was held at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center attended by several different participants. Representatives of the DAAC and NASA’s EOSDIS Project Office presented information about product histories and usage by the community. Product developers were asked to attend to provide information on product theoretical basis, quality and accuracy, usage, and science value. The seven invited participants examined the science data products and were asked to provide recommendations for each specific product or product suite.

Final Draft Report (pdf)

For further information about this workshop and report, please email Ron Weaver, NSIDC DAAC Manager (weaverr(at)