DAAC Outreach

NSIDC strives to inform educators, scientists, the public, and journalists about the cold regions of our planet. Elementary and secondary students, graduate students, decision-makers, and journalists trust NSIDC to provide reliable Earth science information. Two of the main ways that NSIDC makes this information available is through the Sensing Our Planet publication and through our About the Cryosphere section.

Sensing Our Planet cover thumbnailSensing Our Planet

A multidisciplinary publication that highlights research uses of data from NASA's Earth Observing System (EOS) satellites.

About the Cryosphere

NSIDC's About the Cryosphere section provides the public with articles and information about snow, ice, and the cold regions of Earth, collectively known as the cryosphere. It also contains resources especially appropriate for educators and students, a wide range of images and movies of the Earth's cryosphere, question and answer sections, articles about how scientists study the cryosphere, and articles about snow and ice are indicators of global environmental change.