frozen ground or permafrost

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dielectric constant

measure of the ability of the soil to store electrical energy in the presence of an electrostatic field.

dilation crack

a tensile fracture in a frozen material due to surface extension caused by doming.

dilation crack ice

ice that forms in dilation cracks.

discontinuous permafrost

permafrost occurring in some areas beneath the exposed land surface throughout a geographic region where other areas are free of permafrost.

discontinuous permafrost zone

the major subdivision of a permafrost region in which permafrost occurs in some areas beneath the exposed land surface, whereas other areas are free of permafrost.

disequilibrium permafrost

permafrost that is not in thermal equilibrium with the existing mean annual surface or sea-bottom temperature and the geothermal heat flux.

drunken forest

trees leaning in random directions caused by melting permafrost.

dry density

the mass of a unit volume of dried material (e.g. soil).

dry frozen ground

frozen ground with a very low total water content consisting almost completely of interfacial water, and not cemented by ice.

dry permafrost

permafrost containing neither free water nor ice.