Glacier projects

Global Remote Sensing Projects

Global Land Ice Monitoring from Space (GLIMS), Using the World's Glaciers to Monitor Climate Change

Network of Glacier Sites, Global Climate Observing System (GCOS)

Regional Remote Sensing Projects

Climate, Erosion, and Tectonics in the Andes and Other Mountain Systems, The Cornell EOS Interdisciplinary Science Investigation

SAR Investigations of Glaciers in Northwestern North America; Surge of Bering Glacier

Flow History of Siple Dome

Regional & Local Field Projects

USGS Glacier Monitoring in Glacier National Park

The North Cascade Glacier Climate Project has observed glaciers in the North Cascades of Washington for 20 years. Annual balance is measured on 10 glaciers, and bi-annual terminus surveys are completed on 47 glaciers to determine the response of these glaciers to climate change.

Individual Glacier Monitoring Projects

University of Washington Research on Blue Glacier

Other Projects

The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate's Svartisen Subglacial Laboratory supports a variety of projects for measuring subglacial parameters and performing experiments on the ice.

Glacier and Ice-sheet Models in the Geodynamics Group, Research School of Earth Sciences, Australian National University

Program in Arctic Regional Climate Assessment (PARCA), a NASA project at the University of Colorado at Boulder to assess the application of airborne laser altimetry to measurements of ice-sheet thickness changes, with the primary goal of measuring and understanding the mass balance of the Greenland ice sheet