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The ARC Archives specializes in historical, cryospheric, science materials. Its holdings include numerous maps, photographs, prints, expedition journals, and more. The materials cover early expeditions to Alaska, the Alps, South and Central America, and Greenland, as well as historical records of the activities of the World Data Center (WDC) and NSIDC. Items will be of interest to those researching the history of science, the exploration of cold regions, or the study of past climates. Most materials can be made available to researchers and can be accessed by appointment.

While currently only a few collections are accessible through the ARC Archives Catalog, over the next several years ARC intends to make all of its collections of unique, historical, scientific materials accessible as time and funding permits. Contact the NSIDC archivist at if you do not find the materials you are looking for in the ARC Archive Catalog or to make an appointment.

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