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This map depicts the distribution, characteristics, and boundaries of permafrost and ground ice in Canada. Permafrost classification is based on the proportion of land that is underlain by permafrost within a a given area.Canada was divided into physiographic units, and each unit was classified in terms of permafrost extent and ground ice content. The map shows mountain permafrost as sporadic or isolated discontinuous permafrost, rather than as a separate category.

This map can be found in the The National Atlas of Canada, 5th Edition (1978-95) published by Natural Resources Canada.

The map and descriptive information was taken from the National Atlas of Canada website © 2002. Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada with permission of Natural Resources Canada.

Geographic Coverage


Spatial Coordinates:
N: 85°     S: 50°     E: -65°     W: -142°    

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Science Keywords

  • Cryosphere Frozen Ground Ground Ice
  • Cryosphere Frozen Ground Permafrost Permafrost Temperature
  • Cryosphere Frozen Ground Soil Temperature
  • Cryosphere Snow/Ice Permafrost
  • Land Surface Frozen Ground Ground Ice
  • Land Surface Frozen Ground Permafrost Permafrost Temperature
  • Land Surface Frozen Ground Soil Temperature

Ancillary Keywords

  • Canada
  • Permafrost classifications
  • Permafrost depth
  • Permafrost regions
  • Permafrost Temperature

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J. Alan Heginbottom
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  • Natural Resources Canada
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