NSIDC Services Application Programming Interfaces

NSIDC offers a series of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that allow programmers to build NSIDC data and metadata services into their applications. The following tables list the APIs available from NSIDC.

General Web Services and APIs

Atlas of the Cryosphere

Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) services allows users to access maps and source data remotely for spatial regions and layers of interest either directly through a URL string or through the various OGC-compatible clients available for accessing these services.
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OPeNDAP sample file image


OPeNDAP, the Open-source Project for a Network Data Access Protocol, provides a simple way for researchers to access and work with data over the internet. With a URL to an OPeNDAP server, users can browse data, perform subset operations, and open data directly in software and tools like Matlab, R, IDL, and Panoply, as well return data in a variety of formats.
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OpenSearch Data Set Level

OpenSearch provides a simple way to discover and access NSIDC's data sets that are provided through Searchlight.
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OpenSearch Granule Level

OpenSearch also supports the discovery and access to granules of data within the individual data set. Currently, OpenSearch supports six data sets at the granule level.
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NASA Earthdata Search REST Interface API

This Programmatic Access interface is used to locate and access DAAC hosted data where you can perform subsetting, reformatting, and/or reprojection services on the data. The resulting output data is synchronously streamed back to the user either as a single file or a multi-file zip.
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