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29 January, 2009

Single and Few-Point Data Sets Now Available through A-CAP

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NSIDC has released thirteen single- and few-point data sets for access through the AGDC Antarctic Cryosphere Access Portal (A-CAP). These data sets include measurements from snow pits and ice cores across Antarctica. Search for these data sets by principal investigator, NSIDC ID number, or parameter.To access data, select query from the map menu and click on the point.

  • Mayewski, P. and S. Whitlow. 2000. South Pole snow pit, 1988 and 1989 (NSIDC-0086).
  • Mayewski, P. and S. Whitlow. 2000. Dominion Range snow pit and ice core, 1984 and 1985. (NSIDC-0087)
  • Mayewski, P. and S. Whitlow. 2000. Newall Glacier snow pit and ice core, 1987 to 1989. (NSIDC-0088)
  • Reusch, D. 2001. Central West Antarctic glaciochemistry from ice cores. (NSIDC-0093)
  • Severinghaus, J. P., A. Grachev, and M. Battle. 2001. Firn air isotope and temperature measurements from Siple Dome and South Pole. (NSIDC-0098)
  • Albert, M. R. 2001. Snow and firn temperature and permeability measurements from Siple Dome, Antarctica. (NSIDC-0100)
  • Dunbar, N. 2002. Tephra in Siple and Taylor Dome ice cores. (NSIDC-0110)
  • Taylor, S. 2002. Micrometeorites from the South Pole water well. (NSIDC-0113)
  • Steig, E. and J. White. 2003. Taylor Dome ice core data. (NSIDC-0132)
  • Conway, H. 1998. Roosevelt Island ice core density and beta count data. (NSIDC-0139)
  • Cole-Dai, J. 2004. Sulfate-based volcanic record from South Pole ice core. (NSIDC-0215)
  • Ahn, J. and E. J. Brook. 2007. Atmospheric CO_2 and climate: Byrd ice core, Antarctica. (NSIDC-0314)
  • Saltzman, E., M. Aydin, and M. Williams. 2008. Methyl chloride measurements from the Siple Dome A deep core, Antarctica. (NSIDC-0356)


acap map with point data
Figure 1. A-CAP map showing point data sets.
—Credit: NSIDC

A-CAP is a geo-visualization and data download tool developed at the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) Antarctic Glaciological Data Center (AGDC). A-CAP provides AGDC data and other Antarctic-wide parameters, including glaciology, ice core data, snow accumulation, satellite imagery, Digital Elevation Models (DEM's), sea ice concentration, and many other cryosphere-related scientific measurements. For more information on how to access data using A-CAP, see the A-CAP User Manual.

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