Bindschadler, R. A., P. Vornberger, D. Blankenship, T. Scambos, and R. Jacobel. 1996. Surface velocity an d mass balance of Ice Streams D and E, West Antarctica. Journal of Glaciology 42(142): 461-475.

Scambos, T., B. Raup, and J. Bohlander. 2001. VELMAP: Antarctic ice velocity data. Boulder, Colorado USA: National Snow and Ice Data Center. Digital Media. Accessed 11 February 2009.

Access Data: available via HTTP

Instrument: Landsat

Time Period: Jan. 17, 1987 to Jan. 31, 1992

Sample Points: 8267

Units: m·a-1

Min Max Mean Stdev NODATA:
  11.1   367.8   240.2   80.2   -1