Wikipedia contributors. 2007. South Pole. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Accessed 24 January 2007.

Background: Labels the location of the South Pole of Inaccessibility (85.83°S, 65.78°E), which is the point on the Antarctic continent farthest from the Southern Ocean. This pole was reached on 14 December 1958 by the 3rd Soviet Antarctic Expedition, led by Yevgeny Tolstikov. At that point they established a temporary station named Polyus Nedostupnosti.

Note: A variety of different coordinate locations have been given for this pole. The discrepancies are due to the question of whether the "coast" is measured to the grounding line or to the edges of ice shelves, the difficulty of determining the location of the "solid" coastline, the movement of ice sheets, improvements in the accuracy of survey data over the years, as well as possible typographical errors.