Arthern, R. J., D. P. Winebrenner, and D. G. Vaughan. 2006. Antarctic snow accumulation mapped using polarization of 4.3-cm wavelength microwave emission. Journal of Geophysical Research. 111, D06107, doi:10.1029/2004JD005667. Data provided by the British Antarctic Survery, Cambridge, United Kingdom. Accessed 27 October 2006.

Resolution: 25 km

Time Period: ~1950 to ~1990 (in situ); 1982-1997 (AVHRR and/or AMSR-E passive microwave satellite observations)

Units: mm·a-1, or kg·m-2·a-1, snow water equivalent (SWE)

26 1183 -1

Background: This map of Antarctic snow accumulation is derived from a compilation of field measurements. Satellite observations from AMSR-E and AVHRR are used to guide the interpolation. Values for locations subject to snow melt may be unreliable. From this map can be obtained a value of 143 ± 4 mm per year snow water equivalent for the average rate of snow accumulation upon the grounded ice sheet of Antarctica.