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Warm waters: How are the swimming creatures?
Crosscut.com, Thu, 2015-03-26

"Ice vault" idea to keep climate's time capsule intact
DailyMail.co.uk (United Kingdom), Thu, 2015-03-26

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Yahoo!News, and TheMalaysianInsider.com

Why Earth Hour still matters
The Toronto Star, Thu, 2015-03-26

A shrinkage problem
OnEarth.org, Thu, 2015-03-26

Arctic sea ice is at its lowest
WeAreCentralPA.com, Wed, 2015-03-25

Arctic ice reaches a low winter maximum
The New York Times, Tue, 2015-03-24

Puzzles posed by a chilly northern winter
CosmosMagazine.com, Mon, 2015-03-23

Arctic ice melt sees early start
AlaskaPublic.org, Mon, 2015-03-23

The Arctic is awakening--and there is controversy over what will happen next
BusinessInsider.com.au (Australia), Sun, 2015-03-22

Arctic sea ice lowest on record
KelownaNow.com, Sun, 2015-03-22

Arctic sea ice lowest on record
KamloopsBCNow.com, Sun, 2015-03-22

Arctic winter sea ice smallest on record
The Columbus Dispatch, Sun, 2015-03-22

Arctic sea ice hit a forty-year low this winter
Gizmodo.com.au (Australia), Sun, 2015-03-22