• We develop the Arctic Data Explorer - offering accessible, multi-faceted and efficient navigation of interdisciplinary Arctic data.
  • We offer services, through templates and other tools, to assist researchers in meeting NSF requirements.
  • We support data in the ACADIS Gateway for all relevant Arctic physical, life and social science data for NSF’s Division of Polar Programs (PLR) Arctic Research Program (ARC) research community.
  • As curators, we ensure stored metadata are clean, accurate and available.

Arctic Data Explorer

  • The Arctic Data Explorer (ADE) is a one-stop-shop search engine for Arctic data.
  • The Arctic Data Explorer allows for a more efficient, fruitful search because it pulls data from multiple sources.
  • Take a look at the history and usability research outcomes of the ADE.
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  • Our mission is to ensure the legacy of valuable Arctic data through data management support.
  • We strive to make all data re-usable by a wide audience – from the general public to the most skilled scientists.
  • Check out our outreach efforts.